oBLOGatory introduction

Hello Reader,

Guess what this trainee English teacher is doing when she’s not writing essays? Writing a blog. Classic.


This is an outlet for me, it’s nice to be able to write something informal.  Something a little more light-hearted, not inhibited by strict essay guidelines, referencing (urgh) or a formal structure.

And the focus is…

Broadly speaking, it will be my experience as a student-teacher. However, I am a Christian so there will be some situations which will only specifically affect Christians. Don’t worry, not all posts will be serious! I work with young people so that would be virtually impossible anyway.

Keeping it real

I’m not going to churn out insipid blogs about my triumphs (wouldn’t be a lot anyway). I want to be realistic and honest. That includes my struggles and doubts but also the times that have been pretty decent!

Have a question? Either comment or message me! I’ll be happy to answer them providing they are appropriate.

Disclaimer: I may use slang words sometimes because this is an informal blog. Nobody panic, I will not be teaching prospective pupils to write in such a fashion. K? Cool. 

Next post: info on what course I’m studying and how I came to choose it. I didn’t start off in the field of Education.

Big thanks for reading!




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